Family: A wife of 15 years; 11-year-old son; and 9-year-old and 7-year-old daughters. Years in Golden Isles: Six months Occupation: Goldsmith and designer for Chadwick’s Jewelers, and owner of a private jeweler business and gemstone/diamond wholesale company. Who or what inspired you to become a jeweler: I got invited to “intern” for retail jewelry and design shows when I was 12. I’ve always been artistic and fascinated by gemstones, so I started 30 years ago for family friends who were GIA graduate gemologists and custom jewelers. It just stuck since then! I love working with rare colored stones, diamonds, and seeing what creations we can turn them into using silver, gold and platinum. The science behind it all is fascinating. What brought you to Golden Isles: Working with Chadwick’s brought me here. That, coupled with our city in Wyoming has some serious economy issues, as it is primarily built around the coal industry. We felt it was a good time to move from there. Plus, we have family all over the East Coast, as we grew up in Virginia. Compare Wyoming with the Golden Isles: Everything is different. You can’t get more opposite! The things in common are a small tight-knit community. Other than that, Wyoming has eight months of winter (it just snowed 6 inches there on May 25, and it is 67 degrees for a high on July 4), it is high desert, as Gillette was 4,800 ft. elevation, economy is all based on coal, oil and cattle, very little rain, but nearly 60 inches of snowfall per year, no ocean, 13,000 ft. snowcapped peaks, Yellowstone National Park, no personal or corporate income tax, big Scandinavian heritage … different in nearly every way! The funny thing is, everyone there sees pics of ocean and trees, green grass, and says “Oh … it’s so beautiful.” Everyone here sees pictures of massive peaks, moose, bison, snow and says “Ohhh, that’s so beautiful.” Just goes to show how pretty this entire country is! What is your favorite discovery of the Golden Isles: I love Jekyll Island and the historical mansions, along with Driftwood Beach. I think what I love the most is the people here. Everyone is so warm, kind and welcoming. I look forward to serving in this community for many years to come.