We all have that one space in our homes where we feel comfortable snuggling under a plush cover with a good book or a movie, and relaxing. And, as many of us have found out through trial and error, the more cluttered a room is, relaxation remains a goal, rather than a reality. Area designers have some visual tips from their files to help others envision what their master bedroom, or owner’s suite, could be, with a few simple changes.

Mary Bryan Peyer, of Mary Bryan Peyer Designs, said that a recent project of her firm’s was a project in the Sea Island River Club, which has stunning views of the Hampton River. In it, form and function blend beautifully to make this condominium both practical and stunning.

“The client wanted this project to be colorful and joyful, while still staying elegant,” she said. “The biggest factor was that the house needed to be durable from performance fabrics (and) indoor/outdoor rugs ...”

Gail Butler, owner of Taylor House Interiors, says the first step in making your bedroom a retreat, is buying quality bedding.

“You need to have beautiful linens in every bedroom,” said Butler, adding to concentrate on the owner’s room or suite first. “Use lots of pillows, have a nice chair or chaise so you can read. If you’re lucky enough, a fireplace is a great addition to a bedroom.”

The key is setting the right ambience, and that includes choosing rugs on which you love to put your feet.

“Your room should be a step above the others in your home,” she said. “I hate to see the matchy-matchy ‘Bed-in-a-Bag’ sets. I urge people to choose coordinates instead.”

Although Butler believes in abundance of pillows, plush bedding and comfortable seating, she explains that the bedroom should be more minimalist than most rooms.

“It’s your sanctuary; you can’t clutter it too much,” she said.

Colors are also important to setting the scene. Butler prefers what she refers to as “spa” colors, which include turquoise, teal, off-white, taupe, grey, sea glass green and soft blues.

“These colors are relaxing, and that’s why they are popular with day spas,” Butler said.

Still, she said, choosing the right linens, including sheets, pillows and bed coverings can elevate any bedroom.

People may think of Taylor House Interiors as simply a place to buy furniture, but Butler has an extensive selection of linens, rugs and other accessories.

One thing people get wrong is bedroom lighting, she said. Butler recommends having matching lamps on bedside tables on either side of the bed, a lamp on the dresser, and a floor lamp near the chair or chaise.

“If you read, your bedside table lamps should be 30-inches or taller,” Butler said.

“Taller lamps are really in right now. A chandelier is a nice choice, too.”

Adrian Johnson, of Johnson Vann Interiors, on St. Simons Island, said a bedroom, whether it’s a master suite or a guest room, should be not only lovely, but also inviting and comfortable.

“They should have a welcoming balance of the elements that exist within it,” she said. “A nice cozy spot to curl up and read a book or talk on the phone, as well as a functional floor plan will make you (and) your guests feel at home.”

The key ingredients – fabric, lighting, decorative objects and upholstery should all blend harmoniously.

“Out of all the rooms in your house, we believe the bedroom should feel like an escape from everyday life,” she said. “We try to keep bedrooms clutter-free so you have a good feeling when you close your eyes at night, and when you open them the next morning.”