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Family: Maryellen(wife);Isaac-30, Corbin-28, Jacob-15, and Johnathan-11(children). My first grandbaby girl is due late October! Years in the Golden Isles: born (1960) and raised; moved away for college and early career; returned for good in 2010 – total of 50 years here What inspires you in your business as a Realtor: Real estate is about helping people find their own story. Though I’ve traveled globally and lived in many places – Living on St. Simons and raising a family here is the greatest adventure of my life. Naturally, I want others to have amazing life stories here too. Our community is made up of so many men and women that give selflessly of themselves and freely share their talents and interests; we truly live as a “village” here – this is why I love living in the Golden Isles! Personally, my most treasured times are those spent in our own home – with our family and friends; talks around the kitchen table, family gatherings in the marsh room, and amazing sunsets witnessed from our dock. Our home is the heart of our family – and a place we feel led to share with others that we love. As a Realtor, I bring that understanding and passion into my relationships with my clients and truly desire to help them find those spaces in which they can “do life” – whatever that means to them. A local you admire: There are so many local individuals that are regularly working to serve our community, to preserve or better our environments. But one that stands out to me is local restaurant proprietor Dave Snyder – owner of Tramici, Halyards, and catering, etc. Not only is he a great businessman as a chef and restaurant owner – he is also constantly finding ways to use his talents and blessings to serve the local community and beyond. In addition to serving many local charities/causes throughout the year, and helping with our past two hurricane relief efforts locally, Dave also spent many weeks last year serving food and raising awareness to the devastated area of Mexico Beach and surrounding areas after Hurricane Michael hit our neighbor, the Gulf Coast of Florida. He seems tireless in his efforts to serve others with the resources he has, and he takes pride in supporting local fisheries and farmers while doing so. As a regular customer of his restaurants and catering, as well as a caring local and missionary, I truly appreciate the quality and philanthropy of Dave’s work. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: I have so many places here that I love, but my favorite landmark would have to be Christ Church. It is a beautiful representation of the history we all love about St. Simons. It is not only a cherished landmark for tourists – but also, many of my ancestors, including my father and uncle, are buried there, and their stories inspired great writers like Eugenia Price. Many generations have found inspiration from the past lives of men like Anson Dodge and John Wesley, who preached on that very ground. Christ Church is truly an amazing landmark for our community that loves history and holds faith in God so dear. And on another personal note, my older children were christened there, and my wife Maryellen and I were married at Christ Church in 2001 – a special place for our whole family for sure!