Henry L. Worthy


Worthy Pools

Family: Betsy(wife), Caroline and Lucy (children) Years in the Golden Isles: 30 School: Darlington High School, University of Georgia Who or what inspired you to start your own pool business: After spending many summers vacationing on St. Simons/Sea Island, I knew I loved the area and the lifestyle and the community. I was always involved with swimming pools and life guarding during the summer growing up in Rome and through college at UGA. After graduating from college, I knew I wanted to start my own business and St. Simons needed a pool company. Describe three hobbies you enjoy away from work: Automotive restoration, traveling around the south to new places and restaurants, and going to see the Dawgs in the fall. Favorite local causes you support: The Humane Society has been a great way to help our favorite friends. Dogs play a big part in our life and we would do anything to help them. I love music and have recently become a supporter of the Coastal Symphony of Georgia. What do you and Betsy like to do in the Golden Isles:

Cooking and entertaining with friends, bike rides to the beach, and cruising in my old cars. A local you admire and why: As I first began my business, I was able to work with Clif Pease(Pease Construction). He instilled the importance and value of delivering a quality product to your clients which has gone a long way in our 30 years of business. Describe the perfect pool design: I like pools with clean lines and a water feature like a negative edge or perimeter edge overflow which highlights the pool’s natural surroundings, like the marsh or ocean. The perfect pool design is different for everyone, but a place where the family has fun and spends time together is always a good design to me.