Harriet Jones


Family: Harry Jones (husband), Brook and Ben (son) Jones, Hudson and Pace Jones (grandchildren), Shelly (daughter) and Roddy Thomas, Karter and Davis Thomas (grandchildren), Meghan Ann Jones (daughter), Blaire Jones (daughter) Tell us about your passion for music at Community Church and your role there: I’ve sung and played guitar since I was 11 years old, so music has always been a thread in my life. I pursued a professional career with my band in the 70s during and after college, but then God interrupted that lifestyle, thank goodness! He began cultivating and developing me as his musician through church music, the music for The Gathering Place, and the walk to Emmaus during the 1980s through 1996. St. Simons Community was born on Easter Sunday at Jennifer and Bill Phillips’ home. I sat on a barstool with my guitar and led seven families and a few friends in some familiar hymns and praise songs. Each Sunday, the church grew and so did the music team. Good friends joined me, and through the years, very talented musicians came alongside us to build a great ragamuffin team that will serve two campuses of Community Church on the island and in Brunswick. A local you admire and why: I admire Bill and Ida Walker! I count myself blessed to have been a part of what God is doing in the Golden Isles through the leadership of Bill and Ida. Looking back to connect the dots in my ministry, the Walkers have played a huge role – Bill has always encouraged me about my music – he doesn’t take “no” for an answer, so I had the baptism by fire early on when he’d say “I need you to go and sing here!” The Gathering Place, 707s, and the legacy of both these important ministries would never have happened, except that Bill and Ida knew it was God, and they got behind the younger ones who were active in the ministries and made it happen. So many spiritual leaders have come out of the GP, and we owe Bill and Ida a huge thank you. What do you like to do in the Golden Isles: I grew up a mountain girl on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, so the marshes and ocean life still captured my soul after 35 years! I love watching my marsh front sunrises every morning and the ever-changing beauty of the marsh. Harry and I love getting to watch our grandchildren grow up and be a part of their lives – we’re so proud of them. I love meeting with people and helping them discover the helping and healing power of learning what God’s Word says about life. What is one thing every visitor to the area must do before they leave: The one thing we tell our out-of-town guests to do is to drive all over this beautiful island – every part is unique and beautiful, and if you have time, visit the Lodge back porch at dusk for the bagpipe!