Family: Been Family! Stephen, Laurna, Courtney, Emily and Merrill Years in the Golden Isles: I grew up on SSI. I have been here 23 years total. I recently moved back in May 2018 to start my own design business. Occupation: Interior designer with experience in residential, hospitality, higher education and corporate design (lots of corporate design!!) Who or what inspired you to start Wired Collaborative: My family definitely gave me the big push to go out and do my own thing, but I would have to say that my passion to explore new avenues within anything design helped me land where I am today. My starting point was lighting. That is my absolute favorite design detail. I am so happy to be carrying all of the Hudson Valley lines, along with pursuing my own designs in lighting. The one-of-a-kind rugs came about when a peer of mine wanted to collaborate to bring a truly bespoke resource to the Golden Isles and surrounding communities. We actually are about to do another round of buying. My partner and I head out in a week. We plan to travel around Turkey hand-selecting each piece. We are so excited to be working with all of our local clients and can’t wait to showcase our new selections this fall. So stay tuned! A local you admire: My mother … I want to be her when I grow up. Describe the perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: Taking a boat out to go anywhere. Smelling like sunscreen + rocking some knotted hair. Describe your style: Hmmmm … I would say my style is none! I believe in being non-curated. I like to give myself and my projects the opportunity to take on their own look. I say this because I believe design is a human science and should be authentic to those who it is connected to … no matter the project type or client. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: I love walking my four-legged companion Doug at Gould’s Inlet at dusk or early in the morning.