Josh Williams


Years in the Golden Isles: In business for 31 years on SSI, family has been here for 70+ years Occupation: Crabdaddy’s Seafood Grill How did you become a restaurateur: I have always admired my dad and strive to be just like him. He set the path for me. He is the reason for my discipline and experience. I have been working for Crabdaddy’s full time since 1997. What is the most popular dish: While we are most known for our varieties of fresh fish, the local shrimp that we buy daily from City Market is our No. 1 request (along with our famous bread pudding).Tell us about plans for your new food truck: My long-time partner, Scott Bradley, and I are passionate about making every dish always consistent – whether it is being served inside or outside of the restaurant. We have plans for “pop up” food truck events, but the food trailer gives us the opportunity to handle more off-site catering events. Even though we love bringing our exact menu to an event, we are now able to showcase and serve much more. With the help of Josh Kent, one of our new managers, we have collectively designed a beautiful catering menu. If you haven’t tried our Tuna Tartare, you’re missing out. Describe three hobbies you enjoy away from work: Golfing, fishing and having days off with my beautiful wife, Beth, and our two unbelievable children, Izzie and Whit. A local you admire and why: No questions asked, my mom! She was the glue that kept the family together while my dad was working the long hours that I now know. Having young children now, it has made me admire my mom even more for her patience and compassion. She poured out pounds of overwhelming love to my sister and me all throughout our childhood. She has carried that same love out to Beth and our children; we all admire her. What do you and your family like to do in the Golden Isles: A new favorite is taking the kids down to Black Banks River and tossing the cast net. There are moments that take me back to my childhood and all I can do is smile. Our family loves nothing more than a day spent outside on this island.