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Adair Allen


Family: I have two children, Allen Robert(19) and Payton Roberts(17). Years in the Golden Isles: I was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. I moved to St. Simons for the summer when I was 22. Twenty-three years later I am still here. Who or what inspired you to become a realtor: For generations, my family grew up vacationing on St. Simons/Sea Island. Often over the years, my friends and family would be in town and I would go with them to look at houses on St. Simons or Sea Island. One year my aunt was going to buy a house on Sea Island and I told her to wait a year and I would have my license and she could buy a house from me. In December 2002, I got my real estate license. In the fall of 2003, I listed my first Sea Island home, later that same day my aunt wrote an offer on that house. I saw an opportunity with knowing many people interested in the second home market. A local you admire: There are several locals I admire but being a single working mother for 13 years, I look up to a lot of other single mothers. Women who always did what was necessary and always put their children first and had to put hard work in order to raise their children often sacrificing their personal lives. I strongly admire Nancy Wainwright and look for her for advice and support. I would say one of the people I admire most is Valarie Zeh. Valarie has the strongest work ethic of any person I have ever met. She has confidence and drive and she is ambitious. She had an idea and a want to create a retail clothing and home store alongside her interior design center and she made it happen. Within two years Valarie had expanded to larger store. Valarie has vision like no one I have ever met. She is beyond talented with design and clothing. She is a real artist. What I admire most about Valarie is she did this while raising two children alone. One in elementary-middle school and the other in college. Valarie has little extra time. She is always going to markets, running two shops, designing houses, restaurants, stores. She designs all over North America and is successfully raising a family. Share something unique about yourself that people may not know: I am profoundly deaf. 100% on my right side and profoundly on my left. I am working with a new hearing device that helps on my left tremendously. I lost my hearing in my late 20’s with sudden onset hearing loss. Many people are unaware of handicaps that they do not see on people which is not always easy especially dealing with deafness. I think handicaps are important to express. I read people. I have for over 20 years, and I do it very well. When I first introduce myself to clients I let them know of my handicap. I’ve never had an issue. It makes me different and doesn’t hold me back from doing well as a realtor.