Family: Chris Haack (dad), Tori Haack (mom), Charlie Haack (brother)

Years in the Golden Isles: Two

Former home town: Athens, GA

School: University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!)

Occupation: Retail Administration at Sea Island

Describe one of your favorite parts of working at Sea Island: One of my favorite parts of working at Sea Island is how close-knit our retail team is. There are so many great people who I have gotten to meet outside of our department which I love, but being able to have a close team that feels like a family inside of that is so great.

What is your favorite discovery about the area: I was nervous when I decided to move down here that there wouldn’t be enough people my age to make friends with. Surprisingly, there are way more young people than you would think. It has been so easy to make friends and meet new people, a way to make a small island not feel so small!

A local you admire: Bonney Shuman. I have known Bonney since living in Athens because she is such a huge supporter of UGA, especially the golf team. She gives so much of her time to so many different causes, and she always gives everything she does 100%. I always know if there was anything I ever needed, Bonney would do it!

Describe a perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: My perfect Saturday would start with breakfast somewhere yummy (probably Palmer’s or Cafe Frederica). I love to take a walk around different parts of the island with one of my friends to explore new places. We are finding there is always something we never knew was there before! I always like to head to the beach for at least a few hours to get some sun and read a good book! At night it’s always fun to get our group of friends together and grill out.

What is one thing every visitor to the area must do before they leave: I’m all about food personally. You have to go get the Braised Short Rib Ravioli at Tramici and then some homemade ice cream from St. Simons Sweets — Chocolate Oreo is my favorite, but they are all great!