Michele Jamieson -1

Family: Tim, husband of 26 years; four kids, Turner, junior at Merrimack College, Henry, a sophomore at Bates College, George, eighth grader at St. Francis Xavier, and Isabella, seventh grader at St. Francis Xavier.

Years in the Golden Isles: Resident for 21 years. Moved to the Golden Isles in 1999 the first time. Moved away in 2000 to St. Augustine, Fla., and in 2008 to Washington, D.C., but returned to the Golden Isles within 10 months of those moves!

School: B.A. Biology, University of Virginia, 1993.

Occupation: Former pharmaceutical scientist and project manager. Homeschooler for 14 years and amateur pianist.

Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: My favorite landmark in the Golden Isles is Mallery Park. Our children played T-ball and baseball at those fields for 15 years. So many fond memories. The Pier Village and lighthouse are also very special.

Tell us about your favorite things to do in your free time: My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. We love cooking, eating and traveling together. Dinnertime with the six of us is my absolute favorite activity. We have been fortunate to visit many European and Asian countries, enjoying the cuisine, hiking and history of each area. I enjoy classical piano music and began lessons at the age of five, studying with teachers until high school graduation. After college and career, I resumed lessons while pregnant with our second child. It’s a pleasure to accompany/perform with the St. William Catholic Church music ministry, Golden Isles Youth Orchestra, GIAHA and other local music groups. Beethoven and Chopin are my favorite composers.

A local you admire and why? A local I admire is Tim Jamieson, my better, bigger half and best friend and fantastic father of our four. He treats everyone with respect and kindness. He has the best belly laugh! Two other locals I admire: Claudia Theise, my piano teacher of 18 years. She taught all four of our kids and continues to teach three of us. She has been teaching for nearly 40 years in the Golden Isles, and developed many accomplished musicians. Also, Heather Heath, the director of Golden Isles Arts and Humanities at the Ritz Theatre, works tirelessly and passionately for the arts in the Golden Isles and beyond.

What is your favorite part about raising kids in the Golden Isles? My favorite parts of raising kids in the Golden Isles are the small-town feel, beautiful outdoor spaces and generous support of our community. During our homeschooling years, we frequented the parks, beaches, and historical sites such as Fort King George and Fort Frederica. We feel so lucky to live in this natural paradise. We recognize the role models supporting our kids and developing their gifts in school, music, sports, dance and Boy Scouts. I’ll always be grateful for the coaches who have helped our older two sons fulfill their dream of playing college baseball.

Tell us about your favorite family outings in the Golden Isles: Our favorite family outings continue to revolve around our kids’ activities and eating a great meal afterward! When the kids were young, we started an annual tradition of selecting a Christmas tree at Webster’s Tree Farm during Thanksgiving weekend. It was comical to watch our four race across rows of trees to find the perfect one. I eagerly anticipate this outing every year.

As a busy mom, describe your ideal date night in the Golden Isles: Favorite date night (and family birthdays) is Delaney’s. Love their scallops appetizer and the fresh catch of the night, hopefully, halibut or grouper. Top it off with red wine and the company of our friend Kevin Keithcart, another favorite local.

Describe your perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: To start off a Saturday morning, after coffee Tim and I would ride our bikes to the Village area and Pier, catch views of the sunrise, and stop at Mallery Street Café for breakfast. We started doing this during quarantine in March. It’s become a favorite weekend ritual. Other fun for Saturday: walking our two yellow Labs, Roger and Max, golfing with our kids, hitting the beach and then hanging out in our backyard in the pool and cooking dinner on the Green Egg.